New Baby Stuff – Essentials Part 2

You’ve addressed eating, pooping, and sleeping. What other New Baby Stuff are you going to need as you begin your new adventure as parents? Here’s a list of a few items that might not be key to survival, but that you’re going to need nonetheless if you want to live a normal life, survive as a parent, and do right by your new addition. With the exception of a quality car seat, these don’t qualify as basic survival needs. Instead, they’re all items that will help make both you and your baby happier, which you’ll soon learn are one and the same! Happy, relaxed parents make for happy, relaxed babies. And happy babies definitely make for happier parents!

  • Rear Facing Car Seat – We can’t emphasize how important this is from a safety perspective. Make sure your new baby has a new (not used) rear facing car seat with a five point harness. And while you’re at it, do yourself a favor and purchase one with a removeable seat that you can carry inside. The old adage is true: nothing puts babies to sleep faster than a good car ride. Unfortunately, nothing wakes a baby up faster than unhooking them from a five point harness and moving them to a crib or bassinet. If you have a detachable car seat you can leave them be and bring your baby inside in their seat, so they don’t lose out on any Z’s.


  • Sling, Wrap, or Baby Carrier – This is as much for the parents as for the baby. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a hike in the mountains, a walk around the block, making a run to the grocery store, or just cooking dinner, these baby holders are a must-have in our opinion. A sling, wrap, or baby carrier keeps your baby close while giving your arms a break (and freeing them up for tasks besides toting around your new arrival). We love our Baby Bjorn, but to each their own. There are literally hundreds of designs and brands to choose from, whether you’re a Boulder hippie looking for a hand-woven baby wrap to wander the Pearl Street Mall with or whether you need something a little more robust in order to tackle your next fourteener with your baby in tow.


  • Rocking Chair – Rocking chairs are for old people whittling on the porch, you say? Au Contraire Mon Frere! A good rocking chair is as essential as bottles and diapers if you’re a new parent mulling over new baby stuff. You’re going to be spending a lot of time during your new baby’s first year sitting in a chair with that babe in your arms, and nothing soothes a crying baby like the steady motion of a good rocker. That being the case, do yourself a favor and spend a little extra on a rocker that’s as comfortable for you as it is for Junior.


  • Bouncy Chair – A good bouncy seat is a lifesaver until your bundle of joy gets old enough to entertain themselves. It’ll also double as a good place to sit your baby for early feedings when they finally begin to transition from breast milk or formula to solids like rice cereal and those cute little jars of Gerber baby food. Make sure you get one with a vibrating option as they work wonders for lulling tired babies to sleep, and if you can get one that sports mobiles and toys, even better. Your newborn won’t give them a second glance, but in a few months that dangling mirror and rattle will make for hours of baby enjoyment!



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