Stroller or Car Seat: Which One Should You Splurge On?

Becoming a parent is an exciting time! A new life for you to protect, teach, and make memories with. Safety is something on every parent’s mind, especially new ones. Prepping your home and car should be done because kids are naturally curious and you will want to make sure they are protected. Traveling with kids means that a car seat and strollers are a necessity. 
Babies grow quickly. Every day is pretty much a milestone. With that in mind, it is imperative to know when to buy a bigger stroller or car seat. For safety reasons make sure the car seat is the correct size for the child. Car seats have different options for your needs. Rear-facing car seats are necessary for newborns until they reach 2 years old. To keep an eye on your baby while you drive, you can purchase a mirror that attaches to your backseat. The mirror can serve multiple purposes as the child can look at themselves in joy and the parent can keep an eye on their baby. The right stroller can keep a baby safe and also hold necessary baby items. For newborn babies, buying a stroller with enough room for baby bags and necessary items are crucial so you can have a one stop shop for the baby. Babies need to be buckled in safely in strollers as well so keep that in mind. So what should you spend more money on? 
A good car seat can help prevent serious injury or even death. Buying strollers save parents from the fatigue that can happen if you are carrying a baby while out in public. Forking over good money on a stroller can pay off dividends. Stores also give you the option to over a stroller/car seat combo. For the buyer who is looking to spend more on one item over the other, it should be recommended to get the stroller/car seat. Having the combo item is great because with proper care it can last a long time for your newborn baby. Monitoring the growth of your baby will help you with all the money decisions you need to make while raising your child.