Is That Expensive Stroller Worth It?

I went through this process myself and probably spent more time researching it than I needed to. Even now, all I can tell you is that: It depends.

Strollers continue to be a divisive topic among both new and experienced parents. One might assume that, as with most baby supplies, the more expensive option is worth the added safety and security. You would never risk your child’s health just to save a few hundred dollars. However, leading expensive stroller brands—Bugaboo, in particular—are changing as much as $1,500 for a single stroller. Based on a quick search, most high-end strollers will cost around $300-$450, making this price difference impossible to write off as, “Well, the pricier one must be the safest.”

So, what does a Bugaboo stroller get you? Sure, it’s a status symbol. It looks nice, and it’s easily maneuverable. It feels incredibly sturdy, and assembly is said to be very easy. A Bugaboo stroller is compact when folded up, and you can easily unfold the entire structure with one hand and a foot–ostensibly to hold your child with the other hand if necessary. These strollers roll smoothly along sidewalks on long walks, and they seem to handle bumps pretty easily.

But are all of those factors worth the potential $1,000 in added expenses? Probably not.

However, what a Bugaboo will provided is extreme durability and longevity. I’ve mentioned that my wife and I recently brought home our second bundle of joy. Now, the stroller we used for the first child was completely adequate. We spent $300 to get a nice, comfortable, and secure stroller good enough to transport our kids for years to come. However, I can already see time and use wearing on this stroller. It is still 100% usable for our second child, but if we wanted a larger family—think four or five kids—we would have to purchase a new stroller.

Expensive strollers are built to last. If you look on eBay, you can find some original Bugaboo strollers for sale—still in excellent condition. These things will not fail you, and they will never need replacing. So sure, $1,500 is a ridiculous price to pay for a stroller, no matter how many children you plan to have. However, if you know you want your stroller to last more than five or six years, you might want to invest in one of the more cost efficient (but still expensive) strollers. These days, you can get a compact Bugaboo for between $700 and $900. Yes, that’s still pricey, but it beats paying to replace that $300 stroller several times.