The Babysitter Interview Questions You Need to Ask

Okay, so this one isn’t related to “stuff.” However, hiring a babysitter is one of the most important processes you will make as a parent. This signifies a shift in parenting life; you can begin to reclaim some independence from your child. Additionally, finding the right babysitter does have a direct impact on your kid’s stuff. Here’s how.

  • In some cases, the babysitter will provide toys to play with. In others, you will be responsible for providing the toys.
  • If you use cloth diapers, you should find a babysitter who is comfortable with using and cleaning them. You can opt for a hybrid option (see my post on cloth and disposable diapers), but you don’t want to adjust your lifestyle if you don’t have to.
  • Some babysitters and full-time nannies will provide their own equipment, like car seats, strollers, and bottles.

Now that I’m done justifying the existence of this article, let’s get into it. It is imperative to ask the right babysitter interview questions when screening potential caregivers. These questions will determine whether or not you can find the best person for your needs.

  1. What is your experience? A long resume of babysitting experience is not essential, but the candidate should be able to demonstrate experience in childcare. This could be through raising siblings, working in a classroom, or working at a summer camp.
  2. What are your credentials? Ask the candidate if they are CPR certified, if they have extensive experience with changing diapers, and how they have handled past emergencies. You should also ask for at least three references.
  3. Do you have your own transportation? This is the space to communicate your expectations through questions. Additional questions can (and should) include: What housekeeping tasks do you consider to be part of the job? Are you comfortable preparing meals? Are you comfortable bathing and dressing the children? What days and hours are you available? Do you plan to spend most of the time at home or will you take them to the park?
  4. What do you enjoy most about babysitting? This is one of the best questions to determine a candidate’s personality. You should also use this time to ask about what they like to do in their free time, what they think kids like about them, and if they have any personal beliefs that might affect the way childcare is provided.