Baby Bedding – Blankets, Throws, Crib Sets

When it comes to baby bedding, you really do have to do some planning and choosing during pregnancy. Leave it until after the baby is born, and you really are leaving yourself with a big rush on your hands at the time you want to rest and enjoy your newborn baby. 

If you are decorating a nursery for your baby, then that is a good time to incorporate the planning for baby bedding. You will presumably have a color scheme for the nursery, and will want to complement that with the bedding that you finally choose. Plus, of course, the spare bedding, and maybe even the spare bedding. 

But first of all, let us look at a few basics about baby bedding. What will you need? The needs for baby are not that different to an older child or adult, but there are some important exceptions. So, let us take a look at a typical 5-piece baby bedding set in the US or UK; it will probably have the following items: 

2 fitted sheets – It is best to go for fitted sheets when you choose baby bedding. If they are a good fit for the mattress, then they should not move around too much when baby becomes a bit more active as the weeks pass. 

1 set of cot bumpers – This is something older babies, children and adults definitely do not need. As a baby becomes more active in sleep, and turn over, you will want to stop them from banging into the side of the crib. That could hurt and shock them, but also it can wake them up… and you will not want that, especially at night. As soon as your baby starts to get upwardly mobile, though, you will need to remove the cot bumpers, as they can make a good step up to climb out of the crib. 

1 quilt – This is best if 100% cotton. 

1 Dust ruffle – This hangs down from mattress to ground, and can make the baby bedding set look particularly attractive. 

With some baby bedding sets you may also be able to get a matching diaper stacker and baby wrap. 

Not all those items are essential, of course. We recently made do with just the crib bumpers and fitted sheets. In fact, at 19 months our daughter is still in the crib, without the bumpers, as she was very quickly trying to clamber out once she could stand up. 

Being in a tropical country, there was no need for a quilt, but there was a need for a mosquito net, and we were able to find a very pretty pink one. 

You will find some baby bedding sets with pillows. If you buy one, make absolutely sure the pillow is baby safe. When we brought our baby home from the clinic after birth, I had already discarded the pillows that came with her bedding set. They are not necessary anyway. 

There are just a few pointers to choosing baby bedding. You will find some very pretty bedding for the nursery, but as with most baby things, it is sensible to put baby’s comfort and safety first.