Baby Blankets as Part of Your Nursery Decor

When a baby arrives home from hospital or maternity clinic for the first time, they have no interest whatsoever in the decor of their nursery. If, indeed, the baby even has her own room. 

Those parents who have decorated a baby room, or nursery, in preparation for the baby’s arrival, mostly do care about the way the baby’s room looks and the overall effect of the decor. 

For these parents, every item in the room may be a crucial element of the decor, so choice of baby crib, nursery rugs, bedding and other items in the nursery all play a part. 

When it comes to the bedding, the baby’s blankets are quite prominent. After all, when visitors come to see the new born baby, she is not likely to be as snug as a bug in a baby rug, but under the blanket. Choice of blankets, therefore, can be a quite important finishing touch to the nursery decor. 

The nursery’s basic color scheme will dictate the main color emphasis of the blankets that you buy, and as always, pinks and blues can be dominant, or neutral colors such as yellow.