Choosing Your Baby Crib

When you start planning for the arrival of your Bouncing New Baby, one of the most important, and expensive, items will be the baby crib. The choice of crib you make will affect the baby for a long time, maybe up to two years, so it is a choice that needs to be made carefully from the options available. 

Although I say the baby crib is an expensive item, the cost varies greatly. As with most things that you buy, you basically get what you pay for. The most attractive and best quality will undoubtedly cost you more than the basic crib. However, there are things other than cost and attractiveness to take into account when choosing a baby crib. 

One thing first time parents may not be aware of, before it is too late, is that the baby crib you select may be in for quite a battering. While the baby you bring home from hospital will be inactive in the crib, and not put it under any sort of strain, that all changes remarkably quickly. It will not be many months before that innocent little cherub is hauling herself up, shaking the side of the crib, and jumping up and down. It is best to plan for a caged gorilla, not a docile newborn baby. 

It is not easy to assess the durability of a baby crib online, and may not be perfect in a store either. If you do opt for buying the crib online, then carefully check the guarantee. Also, try to pick out those which appear to be sturdily built, for they are more likely to survive the onslaught of the growing baby, long enough to move them on to their first bed with the crib still intact. 

If you are looking around the stores at baby cribs then check that the wood is solid; if it’s flimsy, it is best to avoid that crib, as you may end up having to buy a replacement in 12 months’ time. You should also take a close look at the joints. Even if the wood is good quality, that does not mean the joints are well made. As we found out with our baby’s crib; as soon as she got a little bit mobile, the side of the crib started working itself loose. We had to urgently call in a carpenter to reinforce it. 

That crib has survived very well since, but I do recall very clearly being pleased when we found it in the store, as it seemed good quality. Yes, the wood was fine, but it was the joints that caused the weakness. Most baby cribs come flat packed for self-assembly, so if the manufacture and assembly is not perfect, and the design of the joints is not good enough, then that crib will not have a long enough life span without repair. 

It is not just the robustness of a baby crib that needs to be taken into account at the time of selection. There are other practical issues that should be considered and checked before purchase. 

An important feature of the crib, you will soon find, is access to pick up the baby. You will find it easier, especially if it is quite a deep crib, if one of the side panels can be lowered. If possible, try out the demonstration model in the store. Take a close look at the way the panel fastens and unfastens, and ensure it is smooth and easy. You will want to be able to lower it easily when you are half asleep in the middle of the night; and after feeding, draw it up and fasten again. 

Take a close look at the mechanism which holds the panel in place when it is raised. That will be crucial as the baby grows and experiments with ways of escaping the crib while you are not in the room. 

If the crib is painted, ensure that the paint is lead free. While in most countries lead will not be allowed in paint on a baby crib, you do need to check if you are unsure. Once baby starts teething, the bars on the crib can make a quite handy teething ring! As will many other things! 

Convertible and Value-Driven Baby Cribs 
Parents of new babies, who have not had a baby before, soon find that one of their biggest expenses, if not the biggest, is the purchase of a crib. The baby will have to sleep somewhere, and it will need to be somewhere the infant is comfortable, safe and easy to attend to. What some new parents may not appreciate fully until it is too late, is that the baby will outgrow the crib remarkably quickly and need a bed. It can be a good idea, therefore, to look ahead and buy a baby crib that converts into a toddler bed. 

Convertible baby cribs may be a higher initial cost, but it is worth doing some calculations over future costs. What would it cost to buy a crib and then a toddler bed? 

Of course, the quality and other factors come into play as well, but when you have decided on your nursery decor theme, looking for a crib should entail looking for infant beds too, so that you can plan ahead. Not only may that save you hassle later, it could save you money on the baby’s sleeping arrangements as they grow. 

A key decision is your budget, and there is a massive price range in cribs, and beds. Once you have decided that, and have considered whether you will have cash available later, and if so, how much, then that is the time to do some serious searching. 

Sturdiness, safety, and ease of use, are especially important factors. When you first have a newborn baby, you may not realize that she could soon be jumping up and down and shaking that crib like a caged tiger. It will not just be a place for sleeping, but for waking up and getting your attention, playing, and being put into while you answer a call of nature. 

A lot of baby cribs can be converted into toddler beds and are at the high end of the price range for convertible cribs. Some can only be converted with an optional conversion kit. Decorated with hand painted cherubs, this elegant baby-to-toddler bed will please those who look for elegance and style in their nursery decor, on top of convenience, practicality, safety and comfort for the baby. 

Some may also come with conversion kits for far sighted parents. Consider one with hand-painted roses, or delicate moldings and floral bouquets, ideal for those who chose a floral decor theme for the nursery. 

Budget-Minded Baby Cribs 
One of the most expensive times for a young couple is from when they get the delightful news that they are expecting a baby. There are so many things to buy, and so much to learn. Of the new items to buy, the most expensive is the baby crib for the nursery. It is no wonder many new parents have to search for a cheap baby crib, to keep their costs manageable. 

Despite the desire to save money, it is worth considering the long term when buying a crib. With a new born baby, a less sturdy crib may seem fine. However, first time parents may not realize that soon that docile, scarcely moving little baby will by jumping up and down shaking the side of the cot like an angry tiger. So, at a minimum the crib does need to be safe and allow for the growing strength of the new born as she learns to stand and move about in the crib. 

For long term economy, it is worth considering a convertible crib that converts into a toddler bed as the baby gets more mobile. Also, bear in mind that if you buy too flimsy a crib, you could be replacing it sooner than you think, or any thoughts of saving it for future use are rendered futile. 

That said, you can buy basic cribs at a sensible price are well worth a look.