Personalized Baby Blankets

Adding a personal touch to a baby item, whether it be clothing, soft furnishing, bedding or some other item for the infant or nursery, is very popular these days. Whether you are buying a personalized baby gift, or something for your own newborn, there is something rather special about having a name, date or other personalization added to the bib, baby robe or whatever it may be. 

There is one bedding item in particular that many people choose to personalize, and that is a baby blanket. There are two ways to go about that personalization. The first is to buy the blanket you want for your baby, or as a baby gift, and then have someone embroider the message or other details you wish to show on the blanket. Or, if you are able, embroider it yourself. The other alternative is to buy from a specialized local supplier or online store that sells personalized blankets retail. 

Most blankets from online stores can be personalized. Consider a soft but strong, reversible blanket, in neutral colors. You may choose personalization, with name and date, if you wish. 

Or, perhaps you want a blanket with a large puppy design. This extra thick and fluffy bedding item will keep the baby warm and cozy, but may have older siblings wanting to seize it for themselves. This is something of a luxury item, which also comes in a large size for dog loving adults. 

Maybe you want a more modest blanket, available for boys or girls in pink or blue, with satin trim. The reverse side of the blanket can be all satin. This would make an excellent personalized baby gift.