Buying Baby Clothes Does Not Have to Break the Bank

Providing all the necessary clothes a new baby is an expensive business; you will see that theme mentioned regularly on this website. With the cost of those all-important early doctor’s visits, essential items for the nursery, and the constantly increasing prices of formula, diapers, and other baby accessories, it seems a wonder that anyone can afford to reproduce anymore. Well, in some countries, they increasingly cannot, as is shown by the drop in average family size in many European countries, where the number of children born per woman is below the critical 2.1 average to needed to sustain a stable population level. 

In many aspects of bring up a baby, it is difficult to argue in favor of cutting corners. However, there are a few ways that you can save money on some of your baby related needs, and baby clothes, and baby layette needs, are one department where you can make some savings without diminishing the level of comfort and care that your baby receives. 

Shopping Online for Discount Baby Clothes 
The internet has been doing wonders for people’s wallets for some years now. In almost every case, items that you can purchase in a local store can be found online at a discount. Baby clothes are no exception to that trend, and there are hundreds of e-commerce stores which will be delighted to sell you everything you need for your baby’s layette and wardrobe at a considerable discounts, compared to what you will pay at the local Babies ‘R’ Us store, if you have one that is.  

In addition to discount baby clothing, almost every other baby need can be met online for less than you would pay in the local store. In many cases you can get free shipping as well, so that is something to watch out for when looking for a discount. The internet cannot provide for emergencies when you run out of diapers or formula, but is a great source of discount baby clothes and other baby goods otherwise. 

Buying Secondhand Baby Clothes  
Buying second-hand baby clothes will give you an instant discount on new prices. But second hand clothes can be a matter of contention for some parents, and not without good reason in a way. You cannot know what has happened to such baby clothes in the past. However, if they look well cared for, and you give them a thorough clean before your baby wears them, they should give you no problems. 

In some countries you may well have well known outlets for second hand clothes, and these may have a reputation for sterilizing their second hand baby clothes, such as Other Mothers in the western United States. These can be can be considered safe sources of used baby clothes. If you want to be really cautious, avoid purchasing any clothes for a baby from a garage sale or “flea market” unless you know the seller personally, and even then, do so with caution.  

However, in some places you may have little choice about your second hand baby clothes sources. Here in the Philippines we buy some lovely, and very cheap, second hand baby clothes for our daughter, although sometimes I think they are actually seconds rather than second hand. These clothes always get a very thorough wash, and usually look great. And the discount from the prices of new items can be 90%. 

Now, that is a discount! 

Other options for getting discounts on baby clothes and accessories do exist, and most are fairly common-sense approaches. Buying infant wear from well-known discount stores in the US (eg. Kmart, Target or Wal-Mart) is certainly going to cost you less than shopping at Dillard’s, JC Penney, or Sak’s, for example, as will choosing off brand or no-name items instead of Baby Dior and Weebok’s. You also have the option in some localities of quality seconds stores, and these can be a great source of money saving baby clothes. 

Let’s face it, babies cost enough money as it is, there’s so no reason not to try saving on baby clothes when you know there are much bigger, and unavoidable, expenses to come as the baby becomes a child and teenager.