Choosing Baby Clothes: Appearance Is Not Everything with Baby’s Clothing

When you are expecting your first baby, choosing clothes is not as easy as you may think at first. To begin, during pregnancy you will probably not know the gender of the baby, but really that is a minor point for the newborn. 

Looking after a baby is very much a practical affair, so when it comes to baby clothes, you will find you do need to be practical in your choice. However, with your first baby, you may not even know what “practical” is. After all, you have not had to feed and change a baby in the middle of the night before, bleary eyed and wishing you were tucked up in your own bed and fast asleep. 

As you prepare for the birth of your baby, put together your layette, or advise friends and relatives what you need as baby gifts, be sure to keep practicality in mind. Think about it from your own point of view, but also ask friends who have recently had babies, they may have a few tips for you. To help you, though, here are a few things to bear in mind when buying baby clothes. 

For Baby Clothes, Comfort Is More Important Than Appearance 
Often parents set aside practicality and other things when shopping for baby clothes. Some baby clothes look so cute and attractive, and so adult-like, that they want to adorn their newborn baby with designer wear that will head the baby fashion parades. When the baby is tiny, there are far more important things to consider when buying clothes. 

First of all, bear in mind that the skin of your new born is very tender and quite sensitive. While the outfit you admire may be the ultimate in cuteness, it could cause discomfort if it is made of the wrong materials, does not breathe easily, or is too restrictive. Clothes for a newborn baby should be soft, absorbent, and made of natural fibers. Pure cotton is your best bet when it comes to baby clothes. You and your offspring will no doubt have lots of disagreements later over dress, so for the time being, choose clothes that put the comfort of your baby first. 

Baby Clothes Accessibility 
Parents, especially first-time parents, have a tendency to forget how important accessibility is going to be with baby clothes After all, the baby will need to be changed frequently. If you choose baby clothes with too many buttons, straps, and fasteners, you will soon find them troublesome. There will be times when you are in a hurry, or in an inconvenient place, and having to spend minutes trying to get through the layers of baby clothes to the diaper for changing will soon force you to discard those cute and expensive designer wear. 

Always remember that babies are messy, and that you and your partner are the ones who will be cleaning up after them. Why not make it easy on yourselves by choosing baby clothes with quick and easy access, and easy to put on and take off. 

Easy Care Baby Clothes 
A very important consideration in choosing baby clothes is their ease of care. Always look at the care labels while you are still in the store, and ensure that the item is machine washable, without any special restrictions regarding detergents, bleaches, or fabric softeners. It is unlikely you will come across any baby clothes which require dry cleaning, but you always want to be sure.  

Cotton is, without doubt, the fabric of choice for baby clothing for the reasons mentioned above. However, cotton does have a bad tendency to shrink when washed in hot water. Your baby will outgrow her clothes quickly enough, so items that contain a blend of cotton and other, non-shrinking, fibers may be acceptable. It is best to keep the cotton as the predominant fabric though.