Cloth Diapers Still Have Some Benefits

I am sure that most new parents have all the arguments for and against the use of cloth diapers, or nappies. Those who had no choice but to use them many years ago do not have fond memories of these old-fashioned diapers. All the problems with folding into shape, sticking pins in yourself (and the baby), the smells hanging around the house until the laundry was done; and then the chore of the laundry itself. 

Even under thirty years ago, disposable diapers were thought of as something of a luxury, whereas today they are the norm in the richer countries at least. In the US, people using cloth diapers for their babies may be considered somewhat strange. However, even with the dominance of disposable diapers in today’s market place, there are several reasons why modern parents may choose to use cloth diapers instead of disposables. In fact, in some circles, cloth diapers are making something of a comeback. 

Cloth Diapers Are Cheaper 
Perhaps the biggest personal reason why a parent may choose to clothe her baby’s bottom in cloth diapers, as opposed to disposables, is financial. Cloth diapers are simply cheaper than disposables, even when the parents are paying a diaper service to haul away the soiled nappies and bring fresh ones each week. If disposable diapers worked out cheaper, even most of those hardy cloth diaper users would probably make the switch to disposables. 

Environmental Concerns About Disposable Diapers 
There is, without doubt, some concern about disposable diapers from those who have an environmental consciousness. Disposable diapers are made primarily of plastic, surrounding a pad of absorbent cotton. It is well known that plastic does not biodegrade very well at all, which means that our landfills are stacked with diapers that are going to be with us for centuries to come. While many people believe that the convenience offered by disposable diapers outweighs this fact, environmentalists believe that by using cloth diapers they are just doing one more thing to help to protect and preserve the Earth for future generations. 

Modern Developments in Diapers 
The cloth diapers of today are very different from those that were used by today’s grandparents and great grandparents. There is no need now for complicated folding methods and errant safety pins. Today’s cloth diapers are precut and shaped to fit to the baby quickly and easily. They can also come with Velcro fasteners or snaps for ease in fastening. Best of all, many now have available a flushable, biodegradable paper lining that will catch solid waste, allowing it to be easily disposed of in the toilet. That means that soiled and foul-smelling diapers do not sit around the house, and there is no longer that messy job of rinsing the solids away. 

Cloth diapers may be a minority favorite, and something of a thing of the past, but they are by no means gone forever. For the parent with financial or environmental concerns, they are still a very viable option for clothing their baby’s bottoms.