Protecting Baby’s Dome with Hats, Bonnets and Caps

As an adult, almost bald Caucasian now living in the tropics, I can assure you that having a sun burnt scalp is not a pleasant experience. For a baby, I am sure it would be worse, so if you live in a warm climate, or are preparing for summer in a cooler climate, your baby’s headgear is very important for her protection. Remember, a baby’s skin is more sensitive than a grown child or adult. 

Choosing head gear for babies can be quite fun, especially as they get a little bit older. There are quite a few styles of baby’s hats, caps, and bonnets from which parents can make their choice. From the simple cotton cap that the baby wears while in the hospital, to the most stylish bonnet or quaint little ball cap, which is a popular item with parents, especially fathers, all over the US As with any other item of baby clothing, infant headwear can be found anywhere that baby clothing is sold. Hats, caps, and bonnets for babies may be purchased by themselves, but also, they often come with matching outfits, and these can look especially cute. You will find them for boys, girls, plus in unisex, or gender indifferent, styles. 

Caps for Babies 
Babies’ caps can look much better on babies than the equivalent do on grown men and women. Styles of these range from simple knit or cotton pull-down caps (similar to snow caps or ski caps) to caps designed like baseball caps, but with a far smaller bill, and there are also sailor’s caps available. These are found in styles for both boys and girls, plus unisex designs. However, they are often favored by parents of baby boys. 

Baby Bonnets 
The bonnet has been associated with babies for as long as most of us can remember. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who has not been an infant wearing a bonnet of some kind. Baby bonnets cover the entire head, so do offer maximum protection, and they are usually tied underneath the chin, or are held on with an elastic band. While the protection the bonnets offer is good, the fastening device can make them uncomfortable for the baby. 

Some of the newer bonnets are held in place with elastic that encircles the front of the bonnet, and these seem like they may be more comfortable. Like caps, bonnets are designed for both sexes and in unisex styles, but due to the generally effeminate appearance of the bonnet itself, they are generally favored by parents of girls. 

Baby Hats 
Baby hats come in nearly as many styles as the hats for adults. Usually worn for show as part of an outfit rather than for practicality, they can be designed like top hats, cowboy hats, and even captain’s hats, along with any other style imaginable. They are designed for boys and girls, but there aren’t many styles that can be considered to be unisex. These are far less common than the other types of designs in infant headwear.