Educational Toys for Your Baby’s Development

Teaching your baby starts in the womb and then continues every day from birth. Much of that teaching will take place with little conscious action on your part, as the baby follows carefully what is happening around her as she grows. Just by being in your home, around you and the family, and going out with you, she will be learning. Every child, though, can benefit from more direct teaching, and educational toys can play a useful role in that respect. 

Bean Bag Alphabet Game
Educational toys for young children are usually aimed at making learning fun, and often utilize as many senses as possible, especially with the use of color. Bright and varied colors help to keep a baby or child’s interest. At the same time, they give another opportunity for the child to learn the different colors as they play with the toy. 

Magnetic Alphabet 
Key areas for a baby or young child in early learning are letters and alphabet, numbers and colors. Many of the educational toys for the very young revolve around those three facets of baby and infant education. 

Magnetic Puzzle 
Choose a fun floor game that involves tossing a bean bag onto a vinyl mat. This is as much a game as it is an educational toy, and some may argue that games can make the most enjoyable and educational of toys. Or, perhaps you’ll want a set of magnetic numbers and letters. The chubby nature of the letters and numbers, and their attractive design, make them more likely to maintain the child’s interest, as she learns to stick them on the fridge door or any magnetic surface. 

A simple magnetic puzzle featuring the letters of the alphabet is also a great choice. You can find many variations of such puzzles and toys to help in the education of your baby or child. Just be sure to supervise properly and always check products for the recommended minimum age.