Themed Baby Bed Mobiles

From the moment you bring your baby home from the maternity hospital or clinic, she will be adapting to her new environment. That environment should include as much beneficial stimulation as possible, involving touch, colors, sounds and movement. One of the best broad-spectrum sources of stimulation can be a baby bed mobile, hung over the bed, cot or crib to keep the baby mentally active while she is awake. 

Initially, you will see the new born baby taking little obvious interest in the mobile, but that will soon change to excitement and glee as the mobile is moved by you, or simply by a draught through the door or window. 

It is best to choose baby bed mobiles with various forms of stimulation included. Bright colors are a good start, with interesting shapes, bouncy movements if possible, and pleasing sounds. 

Gentle jingling sounds are soothing for a baby, but such sounds can also be incorporated in a musical baby mobile. Choices of themes for mobiles is very wide, but animals, as with baby room decor, are a great choice. Most babies love most animals, so choosing is an animal baby mobile is quite a safe choice for her ongoing pleasure and development. 

Remember, baby will spend most of her time in the crib for a few months. Mostly, she will be sleeping, but she will also lie there happily cooing and gurgling as she chats to her surroundings. While not absolutely essential, a baby mobile hung above her is probably the best educational toy you can get a new born baby.