Baby Carriers, Just Like Wearing Your Baby

One baby gift that will surely be appreciated at a baby shower, or any other time for a new parent, is a soft baby carrier. There was a time when pushing baby around in a pram, and later a buggy or stroller, was the only way for parent and baby to get around together. Then baby carriers started to appear, and the age-old intimacy of mother carrying her baby close to her became more of a reality and that much easier. 

By having a baby carrier that is soft and snuggly, it becomes almost like wearing your baby. Believe it or not, though wearable babies are not a concept new to the human culture. Native American, women carried their babies on papoose boards on their backs, or tucked close against their bodies with a swath of deerskin, and others around the world have long since had similar practices. In many countries, babies are tucked into sling carriers – pleated lengths of cloth that tie over one shoulder and support the baby against the opposite hip. I am sure there’s little doubt in anybody’s mind that babies who are snuggled up close to their mothers are likely to be happier and more comfortable than their less fortunate counterparts.  

Snugli, the name brand soft baby carrier that’s now distributed by Evenflo, brought the concept of the wearable baby back into popularity about 25 years ago. That was when my now adult children were born in England, but at that time only the back carriers were available there, definitely not so good for the children of the time. 

Being so close to the mother can be very soothing to a baby; also, the rhythm of the mother, or father, walking will add to the calmness. Remember, the baby was carried around in the mother’s womb for all those months, so it is a very familiar feel for her. A soft baby carrier can act like an external womb to aid the baby’s transition into life outside. 

There is now a much bigger and better range of soft and framed carriers for babies, to fit from birth to 18 months old. The choice of patterns and colors is very wide, and you can get them in both winter and summer weights, plus various depths of padding. Baby carriers are widely available in most Western countries, in the stores and online.