Strategies for Getting Free Baby Items

If you are a new parent, getting those first baby essentials can be quite the feat, especially if you are on a low budget. Thankfully there are plenty of resources out there that can help you get what you need. Sure, it may be difficult sometimes, but with enough persistence you can get it done. Here are just a few ways you can get some of the baby supplies you need to get started. 

People get rid of things they don’t need anymore all the time. Many of the times, thankfully, it is baby supplies. So, keep an eye out for those rare occurrences-cause when you strike, you can best believe it will be like striking gold. 

Baby Magazine Subscriptions 
Since all publishers’ produce is baby content, you can best believe they know the struggle is real. Sometimes you can find some free subscriptions for products and even product testing that you can take advantage of just by perusing through magazines at the doctor’s office. 

Community Events 
In many places known to have a high birth count, in order to support the community and ensure the safety of the children within it, the city will often host events in name of childcare. This may be through fundraising, or this may be through casual things like hand outs (Car seat handouts are quite popular despite their steep price) but in some way, shape or form the community comes together to support the youth. 

Brand Rewards 
If you shop consistently with one manufacturer or store you have the high possibility of getting a reward system that offers free baby stuff in exchange for so many reward points. 

Free Cycle 
Just like craigslist, you can expect people to post free things that they don’t need all the time. Baby products included. 

Store Coupons 
Kind of like the reward systems, if you are with a store so long, your “membership” rank can increase, and you can be offered more coupons in effort to keep you loyal. Many of the time these coupons are for free items. Baby items included. 

Using these resources, you are bound to find baby stuff a plenty (especially clothes) as families find no more of a use for them. Make sure you check the websites dutifully and keep an eye on those deals. Even get community updates through email if you must. Whatever you need to do to make ends meet.