How to Budget for—and Stock up on—Diapers

If you are a new parent, there is one thing you may be overthinking and or dreading. That is diapers. Yes, those things that go by so very fast, and cost oh so much. But not all of it must be a tragedy. Here are a few simple ways to budget for your diapers and make sure you never run out. 

Start Buying Early 
If you buy before you actually have to, you will not be rushed and will have plenty of time to browse through the different brands and deals to find the best deals. It is best to start looking at the very least a month before your little one comes into your life. 

Compare Diapers Using Unit Price 
Divide the whole price by the quantity. That is the price per diaper you are paying, and by comparing different packages and bundles with this system you can find deals within deals if they are on sale. 

Buy in Bulk 
You score high if you make it, get scammed if you don’t. This one is difficult because some manufacturers know about this tip and make it seem as if its cheaper than the smaller amounts when its not. But if you identify a deal through comparing the unit price, you are bound to reap some pretty high rewards. 

Digital. Paper. No matter what form the coupon takes, even if it is through reward systems at your favorite store, take advantage of it. And inspect those coupons because often more times than not they can be stacked if used strategically. Not to mention there are always coupons on baby supplies, because the need for baby supplies never falters. 

If you are an online shopper, then congratulations! There is actually something out there specifically for you-and this is called subscriptions to certain manufacturers and sellers. Let’s face it. For quite a while you are going to be buying diapers, and probably in monthly increments, so why not subscribe and reap the rewards from that. One seller you can definitely get a subscription from for any brand of diapers is amazon. Huggies specifically offers a subscription through their personal website. 

When you use all these diaper hacks, you can best believe you’ll be pocketing more money than ever before from the savings these tips bring. But the trick is to be consistent-you cannot see results unless you stick to it.