Best Gift Ideas for Baby Showers and Expecting Mothers

A baby shower is a prenatal occasion where friends and family come to celebrate with an expectant woman who is soon to give birth soon. During baby shower ceremonies, you give gifts to the expectant mother and visitors indulge in food, drinks and play themed games. The gifts you present can be for the baby or the mother herself. Be unique and make your gift very memorable or very useful to either the mother or the baby. Below are some great ideas of gifts to present on such occasions: 
It may not be the most original gift, but it is sure the most useful one for the first few years of the baby. Babies use an average of 8 diapers per day, this gives you an average of close to 3000 pieces a year. 
Unlike diapers, wipes are a necessity for both the mother and the baby. Mothers use them to clean babies after meals, clean the diaper areas and also cleanse their own hands after dealing with the baby.  
Portable diaper changing station 
This is a convenient caddy that has compartments for diapers, wipes, lotions, and drawers for other small items. Parents can carry it from place to place and offer parents everything they need organized in one place. 
Soothing sounds 
Get a small doll or toy that produces wonderful soothing sounds appealing to the baby. Such a toy will sometimes calm and make the baby go to sleep when parents are doing something else. 
Door sign or Door mat 
This is an artistic mat used to warn off any would-be distraction not to interfere with the baby’s sleep. The mat is placed at the door of the baby’s room. 
Diaper Genie 
With so many chores to run, help the mother out with this product that keeps the house clean and odor-free. 
Phone holder 
A phone holder holds the phone on the handle of a stroller, allowing the parent to video call with family and friends while still holding the stroller with both hands. 
Consult other baby shower attendees before shopping to check if there is a registry, this helps prevent situations where there is duplication of gifts. As a group, consider pooling your finances to purchase a larger item such as a car seat, a video baby monitor system or a stroller. With the larger item, take an initiative to know the parent’s personal preferences, such as color and brand. Do not forget to bring a personal note or card.