From Nip Cream to Diaper Cream: A List of Essential Baby Toiletries

When preparing for a baby, you may often get necessities and luxuries mixed up (and who can blame you? Those nighttime specific wipes and shampoos and body washes and lotions are a must have!), but never to fear. You’re in the right hands. Here is a list of all the necessary baby toiletries for any expecting parent, and why they are a necessity and not a luxury. 

  • Nipple Cream: If you are nursing, your nipples will eventually crack and sometimes to the point of bleeding, which means open skin and increased potential for infection. Best to avoid this with a little nip cream. 
  • Baby Wipes: Your baby must get wiped somehow. Whether you are buying disposable or reusable, or even making them, they are a necessity. 
  • Baby Diapers: Same thing as the baby wipes. They must use the bathroom somewhere-preferably not on your lap as you rock them. 
  • Nail Clippers: These you need to make sure their nails don’t get too long to the point they can scratch themselves. And adult fingernail clippers can be harmful, so it is best to invest in infant ones. 
  • Diaper Cream (NOT baby powder): You never want to deal with a baby with a diaper rash. It is painful for the baby to endure and painful for the caretaker to observe. So, get some, but not baby powder, because it’s been recently proven that it does not stop diaper rash, but may cause ovarian and prostate cancer later in life. 
  • Baby Shampoo and wash: You must wash your child in something to smell good and eliminate bacteria. Warm water wont deal for long. 
  • Thermometer: And essential for diagnosing your infant with fussiness or true illness. It is best to invest in a rectal one because they are more accurate. 
  • Baby Washcloths: Adult washcloths are far too rough for an infant, so these are a must. 
  • Petroleum Jelly: This is both used as a lubricant for the rectal thermometer and to help a circumcision heal. 
  • Baby Bathtub: For safety reasons you cannot bathe an infant without their own bathtub, or they may drown. 
  • Nasal Aspirator: If your child is sick with sinus congestion, they must get all that out to breathe. 

Whew! What a long list! Yet all of them are necessary. Some will tell you they are a convenience but trust me. Some of these items are harder to work around not having than having them.