Baby Wipe Buying Tips

If you’re pregnant and considering ways to save money on wipes, or already have a baby or two under your belt, then this article here is for you. Here we are going to explore a few of the many ways you can save on the ever-pocket-draining expense that is baby wipes. 

Skip the Specialties 
If your child is not sensitive, do not buy sensitive wipes anyway. It is futile, an extra expense, and may cause harm to your baby in the long run. If a child cannot build a resistance to everyday things like the small perfumes in wipes and such, it is more likely for them to develop skin sensitivity later in life. However, this applies to overly perfumed wipes as well, like ones advertised with a lavender scent. There is no need. Just get normal ones to get the job done. 

Skip the Decorative Casing 
Believe it or not, but that playful baby-themed box that encases your wipes? You pay more for that. Sometimes up to a 1.50$ more depending on the brand. So, consider just buying the wipes in their plastic casings instead of a decorative box. 

Buy in Bulk
This one is tricky, because sometimes it may fail. However, when it pulls through, it does so wonderfully. Buying in bulk can save you as much as 20% on the same number of wipes if you had gotten them singularly. But make sure before ever buying, you see how much each pack is and compare it to just a single pack, just to make sure you are getting deals-because manufacturers are steadily catching on to this trick. 

Don’t Be a Stickler 
I know some momma’s like o stick with one brand, but with wipes that don’t matter is much. Try to explore and find the best deals for you. 

So next time you go to the store for your monthly stock up, remember these tips and maybe you’ll have enough afterward to get your darling child a new toy-or treat yourself to that new trendy pair of jeans you’ve been eyeing.