Baby Stuff You Should NOT Buy Secondhand

Being a new parent is hard, especially if you are on a budget. With that being said you may find yourself constantly looking for deals on items needed to prepare for your little bundle of joy. Most of these deals come with buying things second-hand, and while that’s all well and good, some things should never be bought second-hand. So, to help all the new parents all out there, here are 5 things that should never be bought second-hand. 

Car Seats 
Did you know that car seats actually expire? It isn’t commonly known, and usually where there is an accident involving a car seat malfunction, it is a case of an expired car seat. Most don’t 

This is a no brainer. You shouldn’t buy a mattress in any case used because you do not know what type of bacteria has been presented to it, if it has bed bugs, fleas, nothing. There’s ton of negative possibilities for things to go wrong here, so just skip the risk and buy new. 

This is by far the most recalled baby item out there. You hear recalls being called out like orders in McDonald’s these days. So, to avoid faulty ones, buy new. 

Infant Carrier 
This is another one of the most often recalled baby items you can ever find. So, to avoid getting a faulty model, buy a new one. Better safe than sorry. 

Baby Bottles (and Nipples) 
This is also a no brainer. You have no idea if the person’s baby had a rare, contagious sickness. And since plastic absorbs bacteria, well, it is highly possible that your child could catch that potential sickness as well. This is not a risk you want to play with, because it may end up ending your baby’s life. 

Now that you know, go out there with confidence and catch those deals! However, do not catch the germs or any other types of risks from these 5 items, or they may be harmful to you and or your precious bundle of joy.