About Us

With the saturation of websites, guidebooks, and opinions from almost everybody who’s been a parent, it seems a daunting task to try to offer something new about New Baby Stuff. But we do think we’ve had experiences that other parents can learn from. We try to be direct and honest wherever we see or hear baloney, but most of the time, our experiences have taught us to soften our perspective. Yes, there are some nifty to truly amazing products out there for parents, but there are just as many that you, purportedly, can’t live without. We also like to call out these items as overrated or overpriced. In other words, New Baby Stuff isn’t trying to be the definitive authority on all things parenting, but we do think we can offer a trusted perspective on what products work as advertised and what products leave something to be desired. Get the skinny on a bunch of new stuff for your baby from your friends at New Baby Stuff.


We love this picture. It’s a reminder that we bounce a new baby, but a new baby invariably bounces us around, too.