Welcome! Whether you’re a new parent, or are about to become one, you’re already well aware that nothing brings out the “baby expert” in people more than giving advice to new and expecting parents. And you’re not alone, either, if you’re overwhelmed with all of that New Baby Stuff everybody is telling you that you’ve got to have on hand when you bring Junior home from the hospital. Your sister says you need a Boppy and a Baby Bjorn, your mom says to stock up on Pacis and Pampers, and when you walk into Baby’s R Us to pick up all of the above you realize you could easily drop a few months salary on endless aisles of baby stuff you can’t live without.

Trust us, we know what you’re going through. My wife and I brought home our second bundle of joy not too long ago. Ten fingers, ten toes! Call it a success. We went through the frenzy of buying bassinets and cribs, changing tables, play stations (no, not the video game kind), bottles, breast pumps, car seats, and bouncy chairs when we welcomed our daughter into the world three and a half years ago. Now with some experience under our belt, and a chance at a second go, we’ve been paying close attention to what you have to have, what’s nice to have, and what’s a waste of money if you’re raising a babe on the Front Range! Here’s our take on New Baby Stuff you’ve heard of, New Baby Stuff you’ve wondered about, and New Baby Stuff you never would have thought about. Enjoy!