Resources for Parents

The Babysitter Interview Questions You Need to Ask
However, hiring a babysitter is one of the most important processes you will make as a parent. This signifies a shift in parenting life; you can begin to reclaim some independence from your child. Additionally, finding the right babysitter does have a direct impact on….READ MORE

Protecting Your Kids Against the Flu
As new or expectant parents, one of the things that probably strikes fear in your heart is the idea of your newborn or infant coming down with a case of the flu. There are a couple different precautions you can—and should—take…..READ MORE

How to Make an Emerency Contact List
While you can’t protect your child from the inevitable bumps and bruises of life, what you can do is to make sure you’re prepared for those situations when they arise. Taking the simple precaution of throwing together a list of emergency contacts…READ MORE

New Baby Stuff – Things You Might Not Have Thought of Yet
Okay, so the stuff below isn’t absolutely necessary, and it isn’t even necessarily critical for a new baby. But if you’re a new parent, and if you’re like us and trying to balance work, parenthood, and hanging on to a semblance of the life you lived before, here’s a list of new baby stuff you’re going to want to look into sooner rather than later….READ MORE